Chancellor's Communique

A Message of Gratitude, 4-10-20

Dear CU Anschutz students, faculty and staff:


As we continue to work together through these uncertain times, I want to take a moment to reflect on all that we have accomplished and say thank you.

Because of you, the CU Anschutz Medical Campus is among those leading the charge to a brighter tomorrow. And we continue to demonstrate incredible strength in unity as we address this unprecedented challenge together, never losing our sense of purpose. 

In just one month, we have accomplished a great deal together. We transitioned hundreds of courses and events to online platforms, seemingly overnight, with the extraordinary support of our committed faculty, staff, student body and IT team. Our academic leadership and student affairs staff have made themselves available day and night to keep our students equipped and supported in a new learning environment.

We recognized the urgent need for, and prioritized access to, mental health resources for our campus and the broader community. Our psychiatry department, student services and Anschutz Health and Wellness Center teams quickly developed resources for those seeking mental health and wellness support.

Our faculty are leading modeling efforts to help inform our state’s policy response to the pandemic. CU Anschutz physicians and researchers are conducting clinical trials that are shedding light on potential treatments. Faculty at the Colorado Center for Personalized Medicine and our hospital partners are rapidly expanding our ability to test more people more quickly for this virus. 

We boosted access to telehealth to safely care for more patients, ramping up online visits from a couple hundred per week to nearly 3,000 per day. Our campus community has donated tens of thousands of supplies and PPE, and the facilities and environmental services teams continue to work diligently to create and maintain the healthiest conditions possible.

Many more of our teams are working around the clock to keep our community up to speed and as prepared as possible for what might come next. Our finance, human resources and legal staff are processing enormous volumes of information impacting our operations. Our police department is keeping watch over changing campus activity, while helping us address the nuances of an increasingly online community. And campus communicators are monitoring the 24/7 media landscape to help ensure the right information gets to the right people at the right time.

Our broader community joined us in our efforts. Generous supporters have sent in countless messages of gratitude to our healthcare providers and given $1.6 million to help some of our most vulnerable students, clinicians and staff.

And, every day, our clinical faculty and staff courageously put their own lives on the line to treat the growing numbers of people who are infected with this virus, while continuing to deliver care to thousands more. They are true heroes, and we are tremendously grateful for their tireless service. 

While we may have more questions than we do answers, I do know with certainty that this work is vital. It matters. You matter. We remain united - even in the most challenging times -  in common purpose: to provide the finest healthcare in the world, to push the science behind that care to new horizons, and to train those who will deliver that care in the future.

I have never been more proud to work alongside you.

With Gratitude,

Don Elliman


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