Changes to tuition benefit, 1-27-2017


Dear Colleagues,

Employee Services sent a note about a three-year Dependent Tuition Benefit pilot program applicable to the dependents of employees. We are writing with an addendum about the benefit specifically for the CU Denver and CU Anschutz campuses.  

CU Denver | Anschutz has recently revised its policy. Employees’ dependents taking advantage of the Tuition Benefit program no longer have to wait until the first day of class or the drop/add day to register for classes. 

The full design and procedures of the pilot, which will begin in the Fall 2017 semester, will be published on the Employee Services Tuition Benefit webpage. Highlights, including rules specifically for CU Denver | Anschutz employees, are listed below.

Dependent Tuition Benefit Pilot Program

  • The employee must waive his or her employee tuition benefit to provide it to the dependent. 

  • The dependent (employee’s spouse or children) must choose Option A (home campus) or Option B (other CU campus).

  • The employee cannot use his or her 9 credit hour benefit that year if the dependent chooses either option.

Option A – Home Campus (CU Denver and CU Anschutz employees and dependents may consider either campus their home campus)

  • The dependent attends class on the campus of employment. (For CU Denver and CU Anschutz employees, this could be at either campus.) 

  • For CU Denver, CU Anschutz and UCCS: The dependent receives up to 9 credits per year.

  • For CU Boulder: The dependent receives a 20% tuition discount.

  • The dependent may register during the standard registration period. She/he does not need to wait until the first day of classes or the drop/add day to register at any of the home campuses. [NOTE: This is now applicable to all campuses, including CU Denver | Anschutz.] 

  • The dependent may register for undergraduate or graduate classes.

  • The campus of enrollment bears the cost.

Option B – Other CU Campus

  • One dependent per employee may attend class at a CU campus other than the campus of employment (i.e., dependents of CU Denver | Anschutz employees may attend at CU Boulder or UCCS).  

  • Eligible employees will receive a $2,400 credit per academic year to apply toward dependent tuition.

  • The dependent may register during the standard registration period.

  • The dependent may only attend undergraduate, non-extended studies, credit-bearing courses.

  • The campus of employment bears the cost.

The employee-only tuition benefit remains intact at 9 credit hours per year for eligible employees; it can be used at any campus and is on a space-available basis.

We believe that our faculty and staff are this university’s greatest resource. The tuition benefit for employees and dependents is one way to show how much we appreciate your dedication and hard work. 

Don Elliman
Chancellor, CU Anschutz
Dorothy Horrell
Chancellor, CU Denver
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