Chancellor's Communique

Announcing the launch of, 4-18-19

Dear CU Anschutz faculty, staff and students,
I’m delighted to write to you from my brand new email address:
And to announce the launch of our new home page, at
The shift of our domain from to reflect the name of this campus – one that’s been more than a year in the making – is coming to fruition.
The change will heighten awareness – and reduce confusion – about our brand. It will help standardize our identity as “CU Anschutz” among all our constituencies, particularly important as we work to build our reputation as a top academic medical campus in the nation.
This transition will touch every part of our campus, including all of our email addresses and our websites. It will require the help and input of each of us, and it will benefit all of us.
Email Address Transition
The Office of Information Technology (OIT) will be implementing the transition of emails for faculty, staff and students in batches from May through August. You can get details, including the transition schedule and FAQs, on OIT’s email project website.
The good news is that your current email address will remain valid indefinitely. Any emails sent to your email address will continue to reach you. After the email address migration for your un​it is complete, the extension for your outgoing email will be (the first part of your email address, before the @ sign, will remain the same).
To help ensure the consistency of our communications, we’re asking you to change your email signature to reflect your new address after your email has transitioned. Here are step-by-step instructions on how to do so.
In the interest of cost efficiency, feel free to use your current letterhead and business cards until they run out. 
Website Transition
In parallel with the email transition, OIT is also working with the units on campus to shift all of our websites to the domain. While the email address change is fairly simple and straightforward for users, the website transition is more complex.
That’s because the website domain name transition is happening in conjunction with a change of the content management system (CMS) through which our websites are designed and maintained, from SharePoint to Sitefinity. You can read about that process and find helpful links to FAQs and other information on the CMS transition website and in the OIT article 10 ways to prepare for the transition

The website transition schedule lays out when each unit is expected to transition its web pages from SharePoint to Sitefinity; the process, already underway for some units, will continue through Spring 2020. While the CMS transition affects all units on both Denver and Anschutz campuses, CU Anschutz-only units will change their website domain name to at the same time as their CMS transition. After the transition, clicks on your old website will be autodirected to your new site.

I want to thank the OIT team and other campus units for working to ensure that the transition will go as smoothly and seamlessly as possible. Questions may be directed to the OIT Service Desk​.
And I’d like to thank you, for your patience with the process and for helping ensure that, as people connect with us through e-mail and our websites, we speak to them with one voice. Our CU Anschutz identity is an incredible asset, and with your help, “” will reflect that identity and become that voice of excellence across our campus.
Don Elliman
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