Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) Locations

Please note: Alarm will sound as soon as the case is open and will alert Campus Police to respond to the emergency.
AED sign on campus AED defibrillator
 Building Common Name Grid ID Location
 Anschutz Health Sciences P12Every Floor - Northwest by Elevators
 Building 400Q09 Ground Floor - Center
 Building 401R09Ground Floor - Center
 Building 402S09Ground Floor - Center
 Building 406T09Ground Floor - Center
 Building 407U09Ground Floor - Center Lobby 
 Building 500Q20Ground Floor Lobby - Near Fire Command Center & 2nd Floor East Clinic
 Building 533R24Inside Suite at Main Door
Building 534 S25Main Corridor near Entrance
Academic Office 1L15Ground Floor Main Lobby 
Barbara Davis CenterM20

Main Lobby

Main Floor Clinical Space &

4th Floor by Lunchroom

Campus ServicesT36Ground Floor Lobby next to Service Desk
Central Utility PlantS34Inside Main Engineer Operator's Control Room
School of Dental MedicineL26Ground Floor Lobby by North Reception Desk
Education 1P26North Ground Floor Lobby & 
South Ground Floor Lobby
Education 2 NorthP28

North Ground Floor Lobby &

South Ground Floor Lobby

Education 2 SouthL28Ground Floor Lobby
EH&SR30Main Lobby by Wall Cabinets
Firehouse X282nd Floor Weight Room
FulginitiR27Main Door Entrance
Hensel-Phelps AuditoriumP18West End Ground Floor Lobby
LibraryV23Ground Floor Lobby by Elevator
Nighthorse CampbellM24East End Ground Floor Lobby
PASCALP30Main Lobby by Book Reading Area
Perinatal Research FacilityAK32East Main Entrance
School of PharmacyV20Ground Floor Lobby by Main Elevator
Research 1 NorthP18Main Lobby Ground Floor 
Research 1 SouthL18Main Lobby Ground Floor 
Research 2P15Main Lobby Ground Floor 
Wellness CenterV08Main Lobby Ground Floor


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