Letters to a Clerkship Student

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Confused, frustrated, terrified, overworked and under-appreciated are some of the ways
graduating medical students remember their clinical year of school in their letters of advice
to incoming clerkship students. 

Honored, grateful, surprised, shocked and amazed are some others.

After spending a year primarily in a classroom setting, students plunge into
the clinical realm, working with patients under the supervision of residents and attending
physicians. They cover all the medical blocks and often decide their specialty area this year.

To prepare incoming students, many graduating medical students take a moment
to write a letter imparting advice and wisdom to help ease the transition.

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Some highlights:
  • Don't sweat the small stuff. 
  • Don't worry about your evaluations because you have no control over them and it will drive you crazy.
  • Catch yourself when you get negative. 
  • Don't be afraid to take charge.
  • Assume you know nothing about everything.
  • Do this (the whole medicine thing) because you love to help people.
  • Be aware that this is a roller coaster.
View a 3-minute introduction by 4th year medical student Linh K. Nguyen.

Past editions (Letters to a Third-Year Student was renamed in 2022 to Letters to a Clerkship Student)