Ethics Grand Rounds 

About Ethics Grand Rounds

Ethics Grand Rounds is a monthly program sponsored by the Ethics Committee at the University of Colorado Hospital and the Center for Bioethics and Humanities.  It occurs on the second Thursday of the month from noon to 1:00 (except in July and August) and features case and issue presentations, as well as dialogue about topics of importance in clinical ethics. 

These continuing education sessions are open to the community at large and are primarily attended by AMC faculty, staff and students. CME is offered.  Ethics Grand Rounds are typically held at UCH and, recently, has been offered virtually.
For information about Ethics Grand Rounds or CME credit, please contact or (720) 848-4063

Join us for our next Ethics Grand Rounds, Ethics in Emergency Medicine, on Thursday,November 11th at Noon.


Kidney to Share:  A living kidney donor's experience and lessons learned about barriers and opportunities 

Recorded Webinar:  October, 2021

Presentation by Martha Gershun who in 2018, donated a kidney at the Mayo Clinic to a woman she read about in the newspaper.

Does the tempo of CODEs matter? The ethics of slow codes

Recorded Webinar:  September, 2021

Presentation by Abigail Lara, MD
Moderated by Jackie Glover, PhD

Continuing Ethical Challenges with the COVID Pandemic

Recorded Webinar:  June, 2021

Presentation by Anuj Mehta, MD

Justice Concerns with the Moderna Vaccine Trials

Recorded Webinar:  May, 2021

Presentation by Marilyn Coors, PhD, John Heldens and Thomas Campbell, MD.

Ethical Considerations for Patients Experiencing Intimate Partner Violence

Recorded Webinar:  April, 2021

Presentation by Jessica Hall, MSW, LCSW
UCH Emergency Department Care Management
Moderated by Julie Swaney, M.Div.
Note: first 2 minutes were inadvertently not recorded.

Ethics Consultations at
University of Colorado Hospital:
Themes and Approaches

Recorded Webinar:  March, 2021

Presentation by Kristin Furfari, MD
Moderated by Jackie Glover, PhD

Health Policy: What's New?

Recorded Webinar:  February, 2021

Presentation by Mark Earnest, MD, PhD. 
Moderated by Julie Swaney, MDiv.

COVID and Moral Distress

Recorded Webinar:  January, 2021

Presentation by Jackie Glover, Anne Dondapati-Allen and Karen Jones.  Moderated by Julie Swaney, MDiv.

How About a Guardian for this Patient? Ethical Issues and Options

Recorded Webinar:  December, 2020

Presentation by Kathleen Herrmann, Emily McDonnell and Sophia Alvarez.  Moderated by Julie Swaney, MDiv.

Ethical Issues in COVID Vaccine Allocation and Implementation

Recorded Webinar:  November, 2020

Presentation by Anuj Mehta, MD.  Moderated by Jackie Glover, PhD.

Bringing the Patient’s Voice into Triage Decision-Making

Recorded Webinar:  October, 2020

Presentation by Daniel Matlock, MD, Sarguni Singh, MD and Katie Herrmann, LCSW.  Moderated by Julie Swaney, MDiv.


COVID-19: Who Gets the Morphine? Justice, Suffering, and Medication Allocation

Recorded Webinar:  September, 2020

Presentation by Jean Abbott, MD, MH, HEC-C.  Moderated by Julie Swaney, MDiv.


Ethical Issues in Caring for Transgender Patients

Recorded Webinar: June, 2020

Presentation by Sean Iwamoto, MD, and Daniel H. Reirden, MD, FAAP, FACP, HEC-C.  Moderated by Jackie Glover, PhD.

Ethical Issues in the Response to COVID-19

Recorded Webinar: May, 2020

Matthew Decamp, MD, PhD, presented at General Internal Medicine Grand Rounds.  Moderated by Mark Earnest, MD, PhD, Division Head - University of Colorado GIM.

Ethical Issues in COVID Research: During the Pandemic and After

Recorded Webinar: May, 2020

This discussion was presented by Marilyn Coors, PhD, Center for Bioethics and Humanities faculty and John Heldens, CIP, RAC, Director of the Colorado Multiple IRB (COMIRB) and was moderated by Jackie Glover, PhD.

Ethical Issues in Responding to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Recorded Webinar: April, 2020

Participants were asked to listen to a 33-minute American Medical Association podcast, " What criteria should be used during resource and medical worker scarcity? where AMA Editor-in-Chief Dr. Audiey Kao discusses the ethical challenges, including resource scarcity and medical worker obligations, that arise during pandemics with CBH Director, Matthew Wynia, MD, MPH.

Participants then answered short questions about:

  • Your role in healthcare team – concerns?
  • Your top ethical issues in this pandemic?
  • What are you doing for self-care & wellness?







Their responses are summarized by Jackie Glover, PhD and Matthew Wynia, MD, PhD in this 30 minute video.