Financial Reports

Below you will find learning resources that are helpful when running a monthly financial report.

m-Fin Financial Detail

Shows an itemized list of all transactions for revenue, expense, and balance sheet accounts

m-Fin Financial Detail II

Shows all transactions for revenue/expense and balance sheet accoutns with additional features and options not available in m-Fin Financial Detail

m-Fin Outstanding Encumbrances

Shows an itemized list for all financial expenses committed but not yet occurred for a given SpeedType or purchase order

m-Fin Resource Defecit & Abnormal Balance

Shows SpeedTypes with negative balances or positive net assets. Shows account codes with abnormal balances (i.e., debit accounts with credit balances or credit accounts with debit balances)

m-Fin Revenue and Expenditure Summary

Used to view summarized balances for revenues and expenditure accounts for a SpeedType

m-Fin SpeedType One-Liner

Shows the financial basics for multiple SpeedTypes, in a one-line-per-SpeedType presentation

m-Fin SpeedType Summary

Shows a one-line-per-SpeedType report showing budget, actuals, and available balance for a given period, as of the close of business for the previous day

m-Fin Trial Balance

To view the Balance Sheet Summary and the Revenue and Expenditure Summary within one report, with page breaks by SpeedType

Quick Reference Guide - Concur transactions on your financial statements

Concur transactions on your financial statements

Quick Reference Guide - Marketplace Transactions on your Financial Statements

Marketplace transactions on your financial statements

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