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A variety of entities across the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus post news, updates, and fun happenings via social media. 

Below you can find a list of handles and hashtags to get a great sense of what is occurring on campus. For campus units, we hope this directory will help amplify your work by partnering with relevant accounts. 

Give these accounts a follow!

DepartmentSocial HandlesSocial Hashtags
University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus

FB: @CUAnschutzMed
IG: @CUAnschutz
X: @CUAnschutz

LI: Anschutz Medical Campus
YT: Anschutz Medical Campus

Adult & Child Consortium for Health Outcomes Research & Delivery Science (ACCORDS)X: @ACCORDSResearch
LI: ACCORDS (Health Services Research) 
YT: ACCORDS Research
Anschutz Health and Wellness

FB: @AnschutzWell
IG: @AnschutzWell
X: @AnschutzWell
YT: Anschutz Health and Wellness

Center for Bioethics and Humanities

FB: @CenterForBioethicsAndHumanities
IG: @COBioethics 
X: @COBioethics
LI: Center for Bioethics and Humanities

Center for Health, Work and Environment

X: @CHWENews

LI: Center for Health, Work and Environment

Center for Innovative Design and AnalysisX: @CIDAstats#CIDAHackathon
Center for Women's Health Research

FB: @CenterForWomensHealthResearch
X: @CWHR_CUAnschutz

LI: Center for Women's Health Research
YT: Center for Women's Health Research

Children's Hospital Colorado

FB: @ChildrensHospitalColorado
IG: @ChildrensColo
X: @ChildrensColo

LI: Children's Hospital Colorado
YT: Children's Hospital Colorado

College of Nursing

FB: @CUCollegeofNursing
IG: @CUCollegeofNursing
X: @NursingCU

LI: College of Nursing

Colorado Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute

LI: Colorado Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute

Colorado School of Public Health

FB: @ColoradoSPH
IG: @Colorado.SPH
X: @ColoradoSPH
YT: Colorado School of Public Health

CU Advanced Reproductive Medicine

FB: @UCARM.Denver
X: @CU_Fertility

CU Anschutz Department of Immunology & MicrobiologyX: @CUAMCImmu_micro 
CU Cancer Center

FB: @CUCancerCenter
IG: @Colorado.Cancer
X: @CUCancerCenter

CU Colorado Women's Health

FB: @CUWomensHealth
X: @CU_WomensHealth

CU Family Planning Research

FB: @CUFamilyPlanningResearch
IG: @CUFamilyPlanning

CU Gynecologic Oncology

FB: @CUGynOnc
IG: @CUGynOnc
X: @CUGynOnc

CU Innovations

X: @CUInnovations

LI: CU Innovations
YT: CU Innovations

CU MedicineFB: @CUMedicine.US
IG: @CU.Medicine
X: @CU_Medicine
CU MFM/Perinatal Centers

FB: @CUPerinatalCenters

CU Obstetrics and Gynecology Education

X: @CUOBGynEdu

CU Pediatric Orthopedic Surgery FellowshipX: @CUPedsOrtho 
CU Pediatric RadiologyX: @PedsRadsColo 
CU Pediatric UrologyX: @CU_PedsUrology 
CU Sports Medicine

FB: @Colorado.SportsMedicine
IG: @CUSportsMedicine
X: @CUSportsMed

CU Student Nurses Association


CU Vascular Surgery and Endovascular TherapyFB: @CUVascularSurgery 
Department of Bioengineering

FB: @CUDenverBioe
IG: @CUDenverBioe
X: @CUDenverBioe

LI: Department of Bioengineering

Department of Biostatistics and InformaticsX: @COBiostats 
Department of Family Medicine Sports Medicine FellowshipIG: @CU_Sports_Med_Fellowship 
Department of Medicine

FB: @CUDeptMedicine
X: @CUDeptMedicine
LI: University of Colorado Department of Medicine
YT: @CUAnschutzDOM

Department of Orthopedics

FB: @CUOrthopedics

IG: @CUOrthopedics
X: @CUOrtho

Department of Otolaryngology

FB: @CUOtolaryngology

Department of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

IG: @CUPhysMed
X: @CUPhysMed

Digital Learning

FB: @CUAnschutzDigital
IG: @CUAnschutzDigital
LI: CU Anschutz Digital Learning

Division of CardiologyX: @CUCardiology 
Division of Endocrinology, Metabolism, and DiabetesX: @CUEndocrinology 
Division of General Internal MedicineX: @CUInternalMed 
Division of HematologyX: @CUHematology 
Division of Hospital MedicineFB: @CU.HospitalMedicine
X: @CUDivHospMed
Division of Infectious DiseasesX: @CUDivofID 
Division of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

FB: @CUPlasticSurgeryCO
IG: @CU_Plastic_Surgery
X: @CUPlastics

Division of Pulmonary Sciences and Critical CareFB: @CUPSCCM
Division of Renal Diseases and HypertensionX: @CU_Kidney 
Division of RheumatologyX: @CURheumatology 
ECHO Colorado

FB: @ECHOColorado1

Environmental Health and Safety Group

FB: @EHSDenver
IG: @EHS_CU_Anschutz
X: @EHS_CU_Anschutz

Eugene S. Farley, Jr. Health Policy CenterX: @FarleyHealthPol 
Graduate School

FB: @CUDenverGS
IG: @CUDenverGS
X: @CUDenverGS

LI: Graduate School

Institute for Healthcare Quality, Safety and Efficiency (IHQSE)FB: @IHQSE
LI: Institute for Healthcare Quality, Safety and Efficiency (IHQSE)
Office of Alumni RelationsIG: @CUAnschutzAlumni 
Office of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Community EngagementX: @CUDEICEAnschutz
IG: @CUDEICEAnschutz
Office of Graduate Medical EducationLI: @CUGME 
Office of Information TechnologyX: @CUAnschutzOIT 
Physical Therapy Program

FB: @CUPhysTher
IG: @CUPhysTher
X: @CUPhysTher

School of Dental Medicine

FB: @CUDentalMed
IG: @CU_Dental
LI: School of Dental Medicine
YT: CU Dental

School of Medicine

FB: @CUMedicine
X: @CUMedicalSchool

Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

FB: @CUPharmacy
IG: @CUPharmacy
X: @CUPharmacy

LI: School of Pharmacy
YT: School of Pharmacy

Monday: #MileHighMonday
Tuesday: #TuesdayTrends
Wednesday: #StudentStories
Thursday: #ThoughtLeaderThursday
Friday: #FacultyFriday
State Network of Colorado Ambulatory Practices and PartnersX: @SNOCAPpbrn

Strauss Health Sciences Library

FB: @UCDenverHSLibrary
IG: @CUHSLibrary
X: @CUHSLibrary

LI: Health Sciences Library
YT: Health Sciences Library

University of Colorado Depression Center

FB: @ColoradoDepressionCenter

University of Colorado Family Medicine ResidencyIG: @UCFMR#UCFMR
University Police

FB: @CUDenverPoliceDepartment
X: @CUAnschutzAlert (Alert X)

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